West Australian Artist
A Line Between

The duality of our relationship with the ocean defines it as a source of both aesthetic pleasure and painful realisation. Today its depths contain objects both precious and thrown away. A space both revered and degraded, much of the ocean has now become as repulsive as it is enticing. Despite its great depth, scale and power, the ocean reflects the shaping of our hands.

A Line Betweenwas a group exhibition at The Moors Building Contemporary Art Gallery with co-artists Christopher Fulham and Emily Mabee. Working across video, photography and painting, the artists presented a collection of works evoking their individual sensibilities to and concerns for the coastal and marine environments of Australia.

Emily ten Raa presented portraits of Australians who have made significant contributions to marine conservation while paying homage to 15th and 16th century Flemish portraiture. Her subjects include founders of the Cottesloe Marine Protection Group Barbara Dobson and Ken Macintyre, scientist Tim Flannery, author Rachel Carson, Patron of the Australian Marine Conservation Society Tim Winton, former Great Barrier Reef Campaign Director Felicity Wishart, and our current Campaign Director Imogen Zethoven.

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